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Add Rates, rules and amenities..

Some of the ideas presented would be right at home in a new module that we’ve had on the books since the very beginning, which we call a Rates Module.

When this module is ready, it will actually be an optional plug-in that will turn OA into a full blown reservation system including the ability to enter amenities, rates, restrictions etc for those who subscribe to it.

It will also have the ability to export to Quicken/Quickbooks (or just plain old Excel), so ad hoc financial reporting should be greatly enhanced, and remove the need to use a separate system to keep track of your booking rates and charges.

If you like the idea of the Rates Module, Vote for ideas you like where you see Rates Module comments.

Lonnie , 13.03.2012, 12:24
Response from the site administrator
xenomatic, 06.09.2012
The Rates and Amenities Module as currently envisioned would provide at least the following features:

Rates and Rates Rules:
• Allow Property Owners to assign rates and rate rules to each unit such as:
• Weekend rates
• Weekday rates
• Single night stays allowed on Saturdays, but Fridays require 2 night stay minimum and rates for each option etc
• Bookings made by Brokers and Admins would automatically follow the rates and other business rules

• Allow Property Owners to include Amenities information which would be available to assigned Brokers
• Amenity and Rates Filters to short list calendar items based on renter requirements
• Truth in advertising: Owners could mark certain amenities as being unavailable during servicing so Brokers would have current amenity status
• Avoid customer complaints by referring only properties where this is a required amenity

• Track reservations income
• Track costs like cleaning costs, brokerage percentage rates etc
• Export Reports to popular programs such as Excel and Quicken

• Other features as requested and voted up
Idea status: under consideration


Phil Collins, 06.09.2012, 19:47

All of our properties book by the number of guests. There is typically a minimum charge that allows you up to 6 or 8 guests ( off season/high season ), then there is an extra charge for each guest over that amount.
Leslie, 07.09.2012, 06:52
I love all of the financial reporting aspects of this idea.

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